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In a little more than a decade, social media has become fundamental to the way billions engage with one another — now more than ever for easing pandemic isolation and building community.
With social media being an important part of many people’s lives, it’s not surprising social media has influenced the world of recruitment with HR professionals using social network background checks for hiring and screening needs. Social media background checks provide vital information that help employers minimize the risk of a bad hire.
Criminal Record Check Canada

Our Social Media Partnership  has partnered with Fama to help companies protect their brands by screening potential and current employees using publicly available online information. Our social media partnership reduces risk with a solution that enhances ethical decision-making and compliance by proactively identifying behaviors such as bigotry, sexism, and violence, and recognize practices that align with a company’s culture and values.

Criminal Record Check Canada

Transforming Social Media Screening

Reduce Bias leverages artificial intelligence, language processing, and image recognition to screen publicly available content for risky behaviors that reduce bias in hiring decisions.
Robust Search
We screen behaviors on social media, as well as perform a thorough search on the publicly available web, that can easily be configured to reflect your hiring standards.
Scale Globally  leverages technology that can be deployed in nearly every country and works across hundreds of languages.

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Criminal Record Check Canada

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