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Make sure to look through both your inbox and your spam folder for an email message from your employer about the background check. It's crucial to go through both folders to ensure you don't miss out on the email.

We carry out Criminal Record checks, based on the name and Date of Birth of an applicant, utilizing the database of Canadian Police agencies. This criminal record search provides information about the criminal convictions of the applicant within the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records, for which a pardon/record suspension has not been granted. All information discovered regarding the criminal record will be up to date till the date of the search.

The background check result will also contain voluntary disclosure of the record by the individual. A “Not Clear” determination during the checks will indicate confirmation of disclosure when provided by the individual. 

Please note: Details of criminal record convictions are not available in a Criminal Record check. These details are released upon fingerprint verification carried out by local police or accredited fingerprinting agencies. Please feel free to contact crimcheck for further information.

Information excluded in a Criminal background check is as following:

  • Convictions where a pardon/ record suspension has been granted
  • Convictions due to mental disorder of the convict
  • Outstanding entries (i.e., charged and wanted person information)
  • Convictions under Provincial Statutes

If your business requires screening that includes local police records, will have its police partners look through local police databases to determine additional information that might be useful for screening. If they come across anything that is relevant, you'll be required to contact the police directly for that information. In the majority of cases, only the police service that has that information can give it to you. Afterward, you can share that information with the organization that requested it.

This service only provides name-based criminal record checks and does not include Vulnerable Sector Searches.

The information we share with our clients is sourced from a reliable Canadian Police Agency. Crimcheck Canada partners with many police departments across Canada to get name-based criminal record checks from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). CPIC is the only national source of criminal records in Canada.

Once your identity verification (electronic or physical) is complete, you will get the results for criminal record checks; unless we need additional information or need to follow up with you first.

The increased accessibility of data on the internet has increased the frequency of background checks for employers both big and small. It's crucial that these screenings are conducted in a professional manner and within the legal limits, which includes informing the candidate and obtaining their consent.

The most frequent background checks focus on criminal records and verifying an individual's identity. The type of background check required can differ according to the field and work. For example, if the applicant will have to deal with cash, it's essential to be aware of his credibility. A background check typically aims to ensure that the person applying is truthful regarding their criminal record, education level, as well as experience in the workplace with crimcheck.

This is why we highly recommend checking their references and confirming their education and work history, along with the Canadian Criminal Record check

Indeed, Crimcheck conducts background checks in a transparent manner. We adhere to Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and similar provincial laws which demand transparency and authorization to handle personal information

The results of a background investigation are based on the amount and type of information you're trying to gather. We talk to our clients to get a better understanding of their needs and help them come up with the right plan, that fits those needs best

The main and often used services we provide are:

▫ Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC)

▫ Criminal Record Check (CRC)

The most appropriate person to answer this question is your legal adviser. Laws and what's considered the best will differ depending on the location you're in and the type of work. We speak to our clients, find out their needs, and provide solutions in light of our knowledge of the industry. Ultimately, your organization decides what to do next once we make a suggestion.

Your lawyer is the most qualified person to discuss this issue. Background tests are designed to help you while in adhering to human rights and privacy laws. However, it is essential that you fully understand these services and the regulations to ensure that they are used correctly for your specific situation. The Privacy and Compliance team actively keeps track of any upcoming legislation or regulatory change. When these changes are made, we review our offerings and inform our customers so that they are informed of their obligations.

Your legal advisor is the best person to address that concern. Certain parts of a background screening can be conducted at any point when you hire someone, as long as you've informed the candidate and they've agreed to it. But for background checks that reveal private information protected by law such as criminal records background checks, it's best to do them only after you've decided to hire the candidate.

Criminal Records Checks typically have a shorter processing time, while time duration of other checks may vary. Through our client portal, authorized users are able to track their candidates' documents. As each service is completed, we make the results available online so that you can review them without waiting for the final report.

The required information to conduct a background investigation varies on the services you're receiving. With our eConsent solution, candidates only provide the info required for the service you ordered. We utilize smart fields to ensure that they don't miss the necessary information.

You have certain rights with respect to your personal information. They include the right to obtain it, challenge its accuracy, learn where it came from, and know who it has been shared with. Your personal information may also be protected by privacy laws on a provincial or federal level.

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