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When "Not Clear" stands in your way, a Criminal Record Re-check paves the path forward.

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Don't leave "Not Clear" to chance. Re-check criminal records for clarity.

Protect your safety and security when employing staff, screening renters, or making personal judgments. We at offer effective Criminal Record Re-Check services to help you accomplish these objectives.

Worried someone's background might be "unclear"? Don't guess! Get peace of mind with a quick and easy criminal record re-check from

Hiring new staff? Renting out your place? Making important choices? Having the right information matters. That's where we come in.

We do the legwork, meticulously re-checking criminal records so you can be sure. It's not just about facts, it's about protecting yourself and making informed decisions you can trust.

In a world built on trust, thoroughness is king. Our team delivers accurate, up-to-date results every time. Empower yourself with knowledge, whether it's for your business, your property, or your personal life.

Don't settle for "maybe." Choose for a reliable, secure, and transparent re-check process. Your peace of mind is our priority. Choose certainty, choose

CrimCheck's Criminal Record Re-check Process

Candidate Informed

Inform candidate a background recheck is required.

Easiest Consent

Use CrimCheck's streamlined, and paperless portal for quick consent.

Candidate Disclosure

Fill out an online form with complete criminal history.

Form Submission

CrimCheck sends your consent and disclosure to authorities for rechecking.

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Criminal Record Check Canada

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