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Your new and current employees all represent your brand when they drive for your company. A driver’s abstract check can help you gauge if your drivers meet the safety criteria set by your organization, allowing you to proactively manage risk, reduce liability and insurance costs, and decrease loss potential.

What’s Included in a Driver’s Abstract Report?

  •  Impaired charges
  •  Status of license
  •  Convictions
  •  Suspensions
  •  Prohibitions

Understanding the Driver’s Abstract

A driver’s abstract check can get new hires on the job quickly while maintaining safety and compliance standards. A driver’s history report is particularly important for positions involving commercial driving positions, such as the transportation of goods, delivery drivers, or the use of a company vehicle.

Sterling Backcheck provides driver abstracts on thousands of Canadians each year. By establishing direct relationships with relevant provincial agencies to complement our processes and technology, we can deliver fast, thorough, and detailed results.

Criminal Record Check Canada
Criminal Record Check Canada

What is a Driver’s Abstract?

A driver’s abstract is a document summarizing a person’s driving history. It includes information about traffic violations, accidents, suspensions, and other pertinent details that reflect an individual’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

The driver’s abstract’s meaning extends beyond just a list of incidents. It provides a snapshot of a driver’s responsibility, adherence to laws, and overall suitability for roles requiring driving.

Benefits of the
Driver’s History

Criminal Record Check Canada

Safety & Compliance

Safety and Compliance LEARN MORE Arrow icon A driver’s history report is critical for any driving-related jobs or the use of a company vehicle. It provides significant information on the person behind the wheel, including if they have a track record of safety and compliance with traffic laws. In some industries, employers may be required to verify their employees’ driving credentials.

Criminal Record Check Canada

Uncovering Candidates’ True Driving History

A detailed driver’s abstract reveals not just convictions and suspensions, but also impaired charges and dangerous driving behaviour. In some contexts, this information can be crucial to evaluate a candidate’s suitability and to protect the general public’s safety.

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